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The Carnage Continues: MacDougal Out For Six Weeks

Good thing the Royals are holding this Spring Training, huh? First Greinke melts down and bolts, then Redman goes down, and now MacDougal.

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Royals closer Mike MacDougal is closed out for about six weeks. MacDougal has a strained terres major muscle under his right shoulder and will begin the season on the disabled list.

Manager Buddy Bell said right-hander Ambiorix Burgos will take over the closer role.

Just when it looked like Mac had left the Matt Mantei portion of his career behind, we see this, a familiar return to form. Being sidelined for six weeks isn't the end of the world, especially when the real season has yet to begin, but its not especially a great beginning either. The shoulder is a bit like the knee of the upper body, its hard to heal, and easy to re-injure due to constant use and the complexity of the joint. At this point, six weeks could easily morph into 12... Just not good.

Nothing like putting Burgos into that ever-critical Closer Role though, he might have two or three save opps during his run there. Of course, the Royals will have an even harder time getting there whilst sitting around saving him for the 9th. But I guess nothing really matters with this franchise other than maintaining the appearance of looking busy.