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Killing Time: 12 Days Till Opening Day

As if we didn't hit this impasse two weeks ago, its definitely starting to get boring reading about the Royals' Spring Training. Granted, we're good for one major injury every week or so, and following L'ffair du Grienke has had its merits. Still, lets wrap this thing up already.

Dutton comments on the transformation of Andy Sisco in today's Star, continuing a solid string of Royals Human Interest stories from the hometown scribes. Of course, one of the oldest stories we know is of the party-boy who makes good, settles down, and becomes a solid citizen. Apparently, Sisco is cut from that cloth:

Sisco recognized the opportunity, merited or not, to jump from the low minors to the big leagues. He shed pounds through better diet and a regimented workout program. He worked to channel his intensity.

Bullpen duty also helped rein in Sisco's party-loving lifestyle. He no longer could block out four nights in every five for social activities. As a reliever, he never knew when he might be pitching the next day.

"Obviously, he's taking care of himself a lot better than he used to," Bell said. "I just love the way he competes, and I love the way he cares. He's a good teammate. That's what I like."

A good teammate. That remains Bell's ultimate accolade toward any player, past or present. But there's more, and Bell serves it up unvarnished. "Sisco is one of those guys," he said, "who, if you called him in the middle of the night and told him you needed something, he'd do it. No questions asked. The problem (used to be) you weren't sure where he'd be when you'd call him. "But he'll do what you ask at a total disregard for himself. You love guys like that."

Helpings of dishes this sugary-sweet are dangerous in large quantities, but what else is there to talk about on those days when no one gets hurt and no one heres from the absent Emperor currently sulking in Florida?

And color me shocked that Buddisimo loves Sisco's status as a "good teammate". Still, all snideness aside, the Sisco-pickup remains one of the better moves post-Beltran-trade, and the kind of scrap heap pickup that Baird can brag about with the fellas when the chips get low.

Everyone wins.

Honestly though, does anyone know a reformed playboy who totally converts to the straight and narrow? Especially with the money and ready-cache that a professional athlete carries? Sounds like a recipe for a relapse to me, and not one that I'd begrude one iota.