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At Least Gordon is Playing Well

I used to be disgusted
Now I try to be amused

-Elvis Costello

Amidst the continued inanity, extortion and exasperation, the baseball -- you know, the actual point of all this, allegedly -- continues unabated in the miracle-grown fields of Arizona. It is here that we return, we eyes of hope, searching for signs of something to believe in. Or, at least, something not to be mad about. As the loyal Dick Kaegel of KCROYALS.COM points out today, one of those positives is the continued good play of wunderkind Alex Gordon. Kaegel reports:

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Alex Gordon has made it all look so easy.

So far in Spring Training for the Royals, he's batted .415 (17-for-41). That includes "B" games. In the regular Cactus League competition, he's at .414 (12-for-29).

"It might look easy, but it's not that easy," Gordon said. "The other day was a pretty hard game and we got a lot of bumps and bruises."

Oh, yeah, he had some other things to do between smacking three hits against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Like playing first base.

OK, that last bit's a tad scary; not sure why dude's playing first base, where the Royals have a surplus and a position that considerably weakens his value. I guess we'll just chalk it up to Spring Training joshing.

Still, theres this,

Gordon, a third baseman at Nebraska, was tried at first base in Arizona and got great reviews.

"I would like to play third, of course, but if the team needs a change and it helps the team out, then I'm all for it," he said. "Whatever is best for the team."


Is it impossible to not screw everything up? OK... OK... I know, this was supposed to be a positive piece. So lets stick to that side: Kid seems to have a good attitude, he can mash, he's already a millionaire and people wanna live with him.

The story ended with this gem,

There's a chance that Gordon eventually might wind up with the Omaha Royals at the Triple-A level, not far from his Lincoln home.

"He can live with me," said pitcher Joe Nelson, already assigned to Omaha.

Gordon just smiled.

"I'll show him the ropes," he said.

Hmmm... Might there be any other benefits to living with Alex Gordon? I'll let you think about that... its certain that he's probably just short of Eric Crouch status as an elite wingman.