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Game 6 Open Thread- Royals (2-3) at Yankees (2-4)

Its Opening Day in New York, and who better to sacrifice than your Kansas City Royals? The Royals come into the Bronx riding high after taking two of three from the White Sox, while the Yankees lost that same ratio twice, once in Oakland, once in Orange County.

The Royals send Joe Mays and his 12.46 ERA to the mound against the Bombers. Mays is 1-7 with a 5.54 ERA in 52 innings lifetime against the Yankees and that ERA jumps to 6.45 at Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees counter with Chien-Ming Wang, who allowed two runs in 4+ against Oakland last week. Today will be Wang's first start against the Royals.

I'm sure he's nervous.

Update [2006-4-11 13:59:14 by royalsreview]:And by the way, why hasn't Matt Stairs picked up a single AB yet? I didn't know MInky was an everyday player?? Especially with DeJesus out of the lineup.