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Game 7 Open Thread- Royals (2-4) at Yankees (3-4)

Its Affeldt versus Chacon at the Stadium!! Royals excitement, catch it!

After yesterday's meltdown, lets hope the Royals can bounce back. As I write, its 3-3 in the third, thanks to another Reggie Sanders homer and some good work by Grudz and Stairs. Matt Stairs, you remember him, right?

Affeldt's through 2 only having allowed 3 runs, 3 hits and 2 walks, so we're making progress.

Meanwhile, Buddisimo continues to reveal his number one priority this season is simple:


Dougie's currently 0-2, hitting in the three-hole, with that season average sitting at .150.

Apparently we're just never going to play Stairs and Sweeney at the same time.