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Game 8- Yankees 9, Royals 3 (2-6)

It didn't take long to get from 2-3 and feelin' good about things to 2-6 and hatin' life did it? The Royals fell behind 4-0 early in today's third-straight afternoon game against the Yankees and Randy Johnson, and despite some flashes of non-horribleness, at no point emanated the sense that they could win the game.

And so ends another empty trip to New York, where our Royals haven't won since 2002.

Bautista didn't exactly shine, but he got through 5 innings without the game being a total blowout, allowing 4 ER and 6 Hs. Better yet, unlike on his first start, DB allowed only 1 walk, but mixed in 7 Ks. After two starts, Bautista's ERA sits at 4.09. I'll take that.

And congrats to Andy Sisco by the way, we all saw that scoreless inning, and although you're probably too proud to brag about it (or is bashful?) we all know that your ERA is now under 20.00: actually its damn close to 10 now, 15.75. Thats about the cost of a nice meal at Applebees with the misses.

You can put it on the board... Yes!

Problematically, with the score sitting at 4-2 after a Graffy homer off Tanyon Sturtze (who screams "Future Royal") in the 8th, Jimmy Gobble promptly had his worst inning of the season, allowing 5 runs, in a nice, double-homer-strikeout-single-flyout-walk-homer sequence. So, just as quickly as Sisco leaves the over 20.00 club, Jimmy Gobble joins up: 24.00.

Umm, its gonna be hard to win those mythical 63 games if we can't get through a game without having a 5-run meltdown sometime between the 5th and the 9th. Then again, Buddisimo had to feel that with the lineup he trotted out there, it was gonna be an intense, high-scoring games:

Graffanino leading off and DHing? Damn, if its all the same I'd rather go whole hog and just play our worst hitter in that slot; just throw Bako in as the DH and admit to the world, I-don't-care anymore. And whats it gonna take for the Royals to play Stairs and Sweeney in the same game? I know Minky's good with the glove, is an amiable white guy with an impossible last name, and supposedly has a good doubles stroke. Fine. But giving him at-bats isn't the first priority. This isn't managing your resources, its making a dumb decision and then sticking with it so that once a week you can say, "look, it worked."

Congrats on your 3-4 by the way Doug. It sounds illogical, but you'll need these occasional good days on your way to 400 outs at a power position.

Your team, Your town.