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Game 9 Open Thread- Royals (2-6) at Rays (4-6)

Around 9:30 last night the Royals Review World Headquarters in Iowa City was/were destroyed by a tornado. So things may be frazzled a bit for the next few days. The laptop was saved, but I've yet been afraid to try to turn it on.

Let not this stop us though, especially when the Royals' quest for 63 wins continues. Tonight, its tough-luck Scott Elarton (0-2, 3.29 ERA) against phenom Scott Kazmir and his zzzazzy name. Should be awesome!

Bell's decided to give Minky the night off, so Graffy will play first and leadoff. Well, retreading the Super Joe utilityman-playing-DH/1B is odd, but at least Graffy has some semblance of an offensive game.

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