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Game Ten- Rays 6, Royals 3 (2-8)

Nice work guys. Finally we're back on 100 loss pace thanks to a 6-3 loss to those pesky Devil Rays. Don't look now, but our Royals are now in sole possession of the worst record in baseball. Who knew it would be so hard to get wins in Tampa (Bay)?

Buddy Bell got greedy tonight at took Luke Hudson to the innings well one too many times, leading to a 3-run meltdown in 7th. As we've seen, we've been through this before. Still, before that point, even though the Royals hadn't really played well, they still led 3-2 and amazingly had a chance to win. Mike Wood walked 5 but allowed only 3 hits. Typical Wood, either lame or vaguely good; its all a matter of how you perceive the merits of replacement level performance. For me, I'll take it. Still, the Royals seem dead set on baiting this guy to fail.

(more bitching forthcoming)

(an hour and some Subway later)

As Mr. Weatherstone mentions, our old pal Shawn Camp picked up the save, a two-inning job no less. Camp was always one of my favorite Royals -- sorta in the Jimmy Gobble, Nate Field, Emil Brown mode -- a poor man's pitching version of Aaron Guiel. Camp seemed effective as a 6th or 7th inning guy, but maybe I'm remembering things rose-coloredly. You don't get DFA'ed from the Royals for nothing.

I don't follow the Rays' closer situation, but if Camp backs his way into 30 saves, let this be another lesson to you that closer's are found, not born.

But back to our current Royals. Well, lets start at the most typical: Mike Sweeney sucks, he's soft, he needs to quit praying and start hitting. Lets trade that bum before he does anymore damage. He doesn't want to win, he doesn't know how to win. He's a baby. He would be a cancer, but at least cancer's are effective...

That should be satisfactory.

Still, Sweeney is struggling, he's 2-25 on the year, with 3 walks. Hell, Minky is now posting a .259/.276/.333, which is like Joe McEwing worthy.

And hey, Buddisimo gave Stairs an PA tonight, giving him 4 on the season...

Calvin Pickering Part II anyone??