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A Chicago Lay-Down: White Sox 9, Royals 0 (2-10)

It needs to become our mantra, "where's the competence Mr. Glass, and what are you doing to make things better?" Tonight in Chicago the Royals turned in perhaps their 4 straight awful performance, a complete lay-down before a near mocking crowd at the Cell.

The Royals managed one hit and one walk. The White Sox equalled that three batters into the game, and led 5-0 before most Royals fans had even turned on the TV. Thanks to 6 ER, Joe Mays kept his ERA over 10.00 (its 11.68 to be exact), as Mays allowed 11 hits in just over 5 innings. As the Dodger fans used to say when Gagne came in, Game Over.

What do you say really?



Any questions?

And, once again, no Matt Stairs to be seen, although we did get to watch Minky and Sweeney lower their averages.

Jackson County Voters should demand a re-vote.