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Game 14 Open Thread- Royals (2-11) at White Sox (9-5)

Things are still a little spotty here at Royals Review World Headquarters as we sort things back together post-tornado. The good news is that the Royals are still playing baseball, which helps remind one that things are always gonna suck and that problems never go away.

So why worry about it?

Today, we're treated to afternoon baseball as our Royals look to avoid the sweep at the Cell -- was it really just last week that the Royals were going for a sweep against these same Sox?-- in what promise to be a great game.

The Royals send their best 2006 pitcher to the mound, the always tall Scott Elarton (0-3, 3.60 ERA) who's now aptly playing the old tough-luck-Zack-Greinke role perfectly. The Sux counter with the mercurial Javier Vasquez (0-1, 6.23 ERA).

It will be interesting to see if the Royals can generate any offense during the daytime.

Be sure to post your comments here, and congrats to Mark Teahen on his first homer of the season last night!!