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Opening Day Eve, and News on Greinke

The hits just keep on coming.

In the latest serial installment of L'ffair Greinke, the Royals placed the troubled hurler on the 60 day-DL shelf, despite near conclusive evidence that he's not injured at all. Frankly, I'm not even sure this is allowed by the rules. Of course, we've all got more important things to worry about, namely ratcheting up our righteous indignation regarding Barry Bonds and his crimes against humanity. At this point, it is clear, that the only acceptable penalty for Bonds is death.

But we digress.

Here's the official language, courtesy of Dutton at the Star, for those that enjoy spin:

HOUSTON -- The Royals placed Zack Greinke on the 60-day disabled list Saturday night to clear roster space for right-handed reliever Luke Hudson.

The move effectively means club officials don't believe Greinke can be ready to return to active duty before June.

"If we did it in any less time than that," general manager Allard Baird said, "I think we would be forcing him. That's not what we want to do."

I guess not.

Meanwhile, the team's march to history begins tomorrow against Detroit and evil-villan Kenny Rogers. Sorry, but in my book Rogers has been documented doing much worse things than anything Bonds has done. He came alot closer to killing that guy he pushed down for no fricken reason than people think. For fun sometime, I suggest shouldering a 40 pound metal object with lots of points, then having someone push you over. Its a fun game, and theres like a 70% chance you'll avoid major brain trauma!!

And what did Rogers get? Ohh yea, nothing. Wheres the outrage!?! Where the 20-part Buster Olney series on!?! Wheres Jayyyyson Stark threatening to set himself on fire if he's forced to interview the Gambler?!?

Ohh well.

Here's another funny note, apparently Minky's our number 5 hitter when he plays, with the assessment from

5. Doug Mientkiewicz, 1B: All spring, Mientkiewicz showed the left-handed punch that made him a feared hitter for the Twins for so many years. He should also save many errors by digging out throws.

Feared I tell you. Feared.

See ya tomorrow.