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Game 17 Open Thread- Indians (10-8) at Royals (3-13)

Nothing like playing spoiler in April. Still, its all joy and, as Keats said, "happy, happy love" after a truly glorious 11-5 victory over the Indians. However, thanks to Joe Mays's inability to escape the 5th inning, the Royals are still without a "starter's win" nearly three weeks into the season. Pitching wins aren't even a half-way useful stat at this point, and when you only have three wins anyway, its hardly a statistical oddity of great mystery. Still, congrats again to Mike Wood.

The Royals came out swinging, interlarding their normal singles based offense with extrabase hits (4) and walks (5) at a rate not normally seen at the K. And that made all the difference. Moreover, with the Indians storming back in the middle innings, Mike Wood settled things down and posted a good 4 inning stretch. Wood's season ERA is now 4.26, while Mays sits at 10.59.

Now who was the guy we paid to come and pitch for us again?

This afternoon its the rubber-match of the series, and everyday Sunday life will certainly come to a halt for a few hours, as a City glues itself to the nearest TV to watch the Royals go for a series victory.

Carrying our hopes is the perpetually loved/hated Jeremy Affeldt (0-2, 8.10 ERA). Affy showed signs in his last start at the Cell, allowing no earned runs (3 unearned however, which he doesn't get a total free pass on) in 6+.

Without a doubt this is the most important game of the young season.