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Game 18 Open Thread- Twins (7-11) at Royals (4-13)

Baseball's Hottest Team returns to the field tonight at the K, as the Royals battle the hated Twins. The Twins come in reeling, and feature a lineup that could rival ours in terms of failure.

Should be a great mid-week series. Plus, the Royals are giving away T-shirts tonight.

The Royals send Scott Elarton (0-4, 4.07 ERA) to the mound against Kyle Lohse (1-1, 11.57 ERA). Despite the fact that damn near every Elarton reference in the Star and elsewhere baits it, I staunchly refuse to feel sorry for Elarton in any way. Number one, he hasn't been good, he's been mediocre, and mediocre pitchers are left to the whims of luck and their lineup. Elarton's not striking anyone out, and he's been mildly hit and homer lucky. Big deal. Number two, Elarton's still getting paid, and he knew what he was getting into signing with the Royals. I'm not crying about the fact that he's not racking up cheap pitcher wins and thus hurting his next contract. Scott Elarton's next contract is pretty low on my mental inventory.

Lastly, check that ERA from Lohse(r).

Sign Kyle Lohse NOW!! We need his veteran leadership.