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Game 19 Open Thread- The Return of Runelyvs, Twins (8-11) at Royals (4-14)

He's back from his weight-induced trip to minor league time out, and looking for blood. Twin blood to be exact. Runelyvs Hernandez makes his debut start tonight, as he looks to improve on his nice and clean 5.00 career ERA and 19-23 record. Last season was Run's first time through a full season, to mixed results (5.52 ERA, a flat K-rate and only modest control). But hey, at least he didn't leave the team.

He just showed up overweight and in possession of "stamina problems".

Run will be facing some guy named Scott Baker (1-1, 3.31 ERA) who's making his third career start against the Royals (0-1, 4.50 ERA).

The Royals are still the worst team in the American League by a healthy 4 games, but trail only Pittsburgh by one game for the worst overall record.

Tonight's game promises to be truly magical. I have no doubt that we'll remember Twins-Royals-April-26-2006 for the rest of our lives.