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They Never Had A Chance- Twins 7, Royals 3 (5-15)

Floating on cloud nine after notching the illusive win #5 on Wednesday night, the Royals fell back down to Earth this afternoon against Minnesota. The prospects for a Royal victory never looked good -- not that the prospects ever look truly good with a .250 team -- given the task at hand: facing off against a winless Johan Santana.

The Royals and Mark Redman (now 0-1, 7.82) quickly fell behind 5-0 in the second inning, an inning that Redman wouldn't survive. From there, it was all over but the pyrrhic quest for free donuts...

Still, thanks to 4 solid innings from Mike Wood, who's unquestionably the Royals pitching MVP thus far, the game remained nominally close, allowing the Royals to claw back to a 7-3 defeat. But after the second inning, we outscored 'em 3-2. If Bell didn't write that inspirational pablum on the wipe board in the lockerroom, then he doesn't know his business.


How about that Royal day at the plate however? 11 strikeouts, one walk drawn. Niiice. Special congrats to Esteban German (of all people), I'll always remember your 8th inning walk. It was a special moment.

Still, its not a fun day when you strikeout 11 times, ground into 2 double-plays, make 3 errors, walk the other team 7 times and have your starter leave in the 2nd inning. But hey, at least only 11,391 were there to see it.

And by the way, doesn't a game like today scream, "Jackson County Day 2006". Who wouldn't want a half-off coupon for bleacher seats to a thursday afternoon game between a B-list team and the .250 Royals????

Thank you Mr.Glass, thank you. Always