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Game 22 Open Thread Take Two- A's (11-12) at Royals (5-16)

Surging to a 6-1 lead last night, the Royals suffered the characteristically bad luck of a run-down franchise as the game was called before it went official. If the Royals hadn't had their most prolific early inning success of the season, the game may have been farther ahead, and the umps may have slogged through the last couple innings. Alas, we'll never know.


Still, the Royals can't complain and neither should their fans. Its not about making excuses and wallowing in them. No, far from it, its about fielding a substandard lineup each day and watching Buddisimo Bell play tough-guy in his post-game quotes.

Thats what its about.

Today -- weather permitting -- its Oakland's Joe Blanton (2-2, 5.92 ERA) against Scott Elarton (0-4, 3.16 ERA) who's having the month of his life.

And no, I don't feel sorry for Elar' and don't consider him a "tough-luck" story. If anything, his luck has evened out: he choose to pitch for an awful team, thats not luck, thats planning. Moreover, he's struck out 11 guys in 31 innings, allowing just a .205 BAA, this despite the Royals awful defense. Thats luck and only has about a 99% chance of rising.

The Royals must keep their eye on the prize this afternoon: the Pirates are streaking, and now have an incredible 7 wins. Theres the old saying: you can't win the division in April, but you can lose it.

We can't fall too far behind the Pirates in the Worst Team Standings.