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Another Meltdown- A's 13, Royals 6 (5-17)

Lets see, entering Sunday's finale against the A's, there was only about a 90-95% chance that the Royals would lose. At this stage of their baseball life (variously adolescent or menopausal depending on if you focus on the statements of the apologists, or on the facts) the Royals simply won't, can't rebound from a stomach punch without wallowing for another couple games. Having a probable win (although we must be careful using those two words so close together) washed away two innings short of going official is just too much to recover from. Hell, its hard enough for the Royals to beat the A's even once over a weekend, to do so twice is borderline impossible.

But at least they got nine innings in, and at least the Royals scored 6 runs. Minnesota was outscored 33-1 this weekend in Detroit, so for once, it could have been worse.

Our beloved Royals have started to betray a proclivity for having their starter bounced before the first beer has been drank. Today, hitherto supposedly "unlucky" Scott Elarton just got his old-fashioned suck on, getting blasted for 5 ER in 2.1. Being hit lucky is fun and all, but like getting paid twice accidentally, you're better off laying low and spending your cash on something cool rather than calling attention to yourself. Ohh well, if its all the same, he's still a viable candidate for 20 losses, or, if you like, a C prospect at the deadline.

Still, thanks to some solid work from Joel Peralta (2.2 scoreless) the Royals stayed nominally in the game, even showing some offensive heart and rallying back to force a 5-5 tie.(Congrats to Mark Teahe/an by the way.)

Enter Luke Hudson.

Walk. Single. Single. HBP.

No extra-base hits at least.

Sisco's Rule V exposure then continued, although Hudson would bear the statistical burden, as Big Andy went: strikeout, double, error, single.

Game Over.

I know batting average is so last century, but considering the Royals don't walk anyway, its more or less instructive in both old-school and new-school mindsets. So chew on these numbers:

Graffy: .182;Sweeney: .185; Minky: .250; Brown: .227; Teahen: .219; Berroa: .266; Bako: .095; Sanders: .233

(By the way, does anyone else not even notice Angel Berroa anymore?? He beat me down so much with his horrible approach I finally just stopped caring, I don't even complain about his errors or 4 pitch strikeouts anymore. He's like a scar I've had for so long I forget its there.)

These guys are out machines. With an offense this bad, is there really any point in complaining about the pitching?

Well, theres always the horrible defense to come back to.

At this point the Royals could sign all slick fielding AAA players who can't hit and probably get better results. Damn, even keep Minky as the lineup centerpiece if you want. Joe Po mentioned this in his bi-annual "hey the Royals actually are horrible for real" column, the Royals aren't good at anything as currently constructed. Not fast, not strong, not good with the glove, nor with the bat, nor on the mound.

Its strange following a team like this.