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Election Day Thoughts

I don't live in Jackson County, so its probably not 100% appropriate for my to be commenting on their elections. We all know what the Royals want and why. The benefits and costs are much more debateable. Ohh, and the side that wants/needs money is spending millions to convince you how much they need more. Beyond that, you be the judge. Good night, and good luck.

In other sobering news, our beloved Royals fell to the evil Gambler yesterday, as you, umm, surely know. Still, JoePo opened the season with this statement in the Star:

Still, after watching the Royals lose to Detroit 3-1 Monday, I do have a prediction.

I think the Royals will play a lot better baseball in 2006.

Let me say right up front that I have absolutely no idea what that will mean. I don't know how many more games the Royals will win by playing better baseball. A million things can happen. The Royals' lineup may not score any runs. The pitching staff may give up boatloads of homers. The players could wear down or get injured or get frustrated or get traded or they simply might not be good enough. Forecasting a baseball season is like trying to guess the direction of a tornado.

But, even on a shadowy and cool opening day where very little went right, the Royals played good, solid baseball. They made most of the defensive plays. They mostly threw strikes. They picked each other up. There is a certain competence about this team.

Sounds truthy to me. Isn't competence manifest in results at some point? This is what I fear, Minky, Grudz and their merry band somehow getting credit for their poor performances just because, well, their old, good guys we know.

The youth movement hits year 17.

Competence is getting on base. Competence is scoring runs. Competence is not having Chris Shelton be on pace for 324 home runs. Competence is winning. This isn't a high school or college team, where good sportsmanship and effort and vaguely staying in the classroom matter more.

The Royals struck out 9 times yesterday. Although, they did draw one walk and scratch out a double and three singles. This team may noy score 600 runs, especially with a bottom-half of the lineup that completely falls off the map. The other team essentially gets half-the game off. The Royals get about 14 at-bats from guys that are competent at the plate. Those at bats better matter.

Thus, we have the paradox of the fans turning on Sweeney.

Still, it was just one game. And the pitching look aight. Just aight or alright. I won't go farther than that. We haven't seen Joe Mays yet.

Sorry Joe Po, can't feel you on this one.