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Hopefully This Brings Accountability to Team Glass

Say what you want about the merits of the stadium funding proposal, the ways in which the teams fought for it, or the actual impacts supposedly brought (or bought) by the funds, but at least its what the people wanted. Granted, the entire state wasn't given a chance to consider the merits of continued tax-breaks on the land (a huge loss), but if the people of Jackson County wanna subsidize one the richest men in America, so be it.

Still, its hard not to read snippets like this without becoming somewhat sick:

But as the renovation question pulled ahead with 53 percent of the reported vote, two father-son duos headed a parade to a stage at the Arrowhead Pavilion, a party room. David and Dan Glass led the Royals' contingent, Lamar and Clark Hunt led the Chiefs' group.

An announcement was promised for 10:03 p.m. CT, just in time for the local TV newcasts. There was no suspense. The on-stage cast was waving victory towels.

Government of the people and for the people indeed. Maybe I'll leave a pro sports team to my son someday, or better yet, his nephew, or something.

What we can all hope comes out of this is something more than extra kiosks or a bizarre homage to Slggggr: increased accountability from the Royals. This measure was something akin to parents giving their spoiled, lazy, incompetent child a new car. Not the Jeep he wanted, but a sensible and still respectable truck. The Royals have been handed the keys, told to quit bitching and (hopefully) reminded that they have their end of the bargain to uphold as well.

We could start with not losing 100 games, a proposition thats roughly 50% likely in 2006. Can another .500 record be far behind? The earliest that appears plausible is 2008. This isn't your father's AL Central, where basic competence (yes, Joe Po) gets you 85 wins and the approval of the baseball literati that you don't have to be Billy Beane to succeed in a small market. The Indians are going to be good for the rest of this decade, as will the White Sox for at least two seasons. The Tigers have become the new White Sox, a thoroughly mediocre team willing to spend a little money, though not very intelligently. The Twins meanwhile, no longer have a free (unearned) pass to October anymore, but they still have one of the best development models in the game, Johan Santana and Joe Mauer.

Its time for the Royals to end the double talk and treat the fans with a little dignity. We know, you did what you had to do (in your mind), you had to grovel, disadvertise your own product and repeatedly say you can't win without our help. Well, here's your money. Check the attendance at the K sometime too: you don't deserve 5,000 fans a game with this product, much less 15,000.

The problem is, this current team is nothing. Theres no plan, and they're not part of it anyway. Its a lost year, something between a "lazy sunday" and a bad first date you won't remember in two years. Unfortunately, it isn't free to attend Royals games. Still, I hold out hope that perhaps the franchise will awaken from its two-decades doldrum of stupidity.

Then again, theres always those four half off coupons to be used for midweek games against the other inept franchise of the American League to look forward to.

Thats how the Royals say "Thank You" to their precious fans, with another arrogant spit to the face.