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Game 5 Open Thread- White Sox (1-4) at Royals (2-2)

Dear Me! The Royals go for the sweep today at the K, as Opening Day starter Scott Elarton takes on Buerle.

Of course, the heroics of yesterday afternoon deserve comment...

The good news: Bautista kept the Sox down, despite some control problems. Luke Hudson settled things down in the 7th, which was also a pleasant surprise...

And weirdest of all, Elmer Dessens continues his miracle run at adequacy, cleaning up Sisco's mess in the 8th, and giving the team a chance to win the game. Sure, its a robotic move by Bell to bring in the #5 guy then, instead of taking a shot with Burgos. But hey, we've got to maintain the closer role at all costs, and if we get lucky and Dessens does well, and Sweeney does hit a homer the next inning, then, well, it all works out.

Party Time!