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Game 32 Open Thread- Indians (17-17) at Royals (9-22)

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Royals Review extends its heartiest congratulations to Buddy Bell who notched career victory #397 last night before an adoring Metro crowd. Buddisimo now looks like a sure bet to grab career victory #400 before the end of the season.

The Royals face a tight turnaround today, with a 1:10 first pitch after last nights semi-late ender at the K. In case you missed it, the Royals go for the sweep today. I encourage all to visit my brother site "Let's Go Tribe" and taunt the Indians fans.

And they thought they were gonna be good this season!!

I love the extreme optimisim coming out of the lockerroom last night, ""This win was huge," Buck said. "It just goes to show if you stick together, things will work out."

Indeed John. Indeed.

Today its the supposedly hard-luck Scott Elarton (0-4, 3.86 ERA) against his former team. The Indians counter with Jake Westbrook (3-2, 5.23 ERA), who's 4-2 with a 1.65 ERA in 9 starts against our Royals.