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Orioles 6, Royals 5 (10-23)

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Tough, tough loss tonight for the Royals in Baltimore, ending the three-game-winning-streak and releasing the Royals back adrift. The biggest news of the night was Buddisimo's decision to let Huber play, who in turn went 1-3 with a double. Of course, Buddisimo went on to pinch-hit for him later in the game. But who cares? None of this matters.

Of course, Bell also pinch hit for German with Minky. Sigh. Is this guy even trying anymore? As Rany Jazayerli said yesterday when asked what he would do as GM of the Royals, "Fire Buddy Bell. This may be Baird's worst move of all. I have yet to understand what positives he brings to the table."

Sincerest congrats to Andy Sisco however on a scoreless inning, good to see that ERA get a little closer to 7.00

Such a downer of a game tonight though. The Royals should have scored 10 runs again, not 5. Lets see, you pound out 3 doubles, a homer and 7 singles. Still, there's nothing like no walks, three GIDPs and two caught stealings to counteract things... The GIDP in the 6th was especially huge, considering the Royals STILL managed to score 4in the inning. Ohh well, thank ya much Buck...

All the awfulness came together nicely in the 9th, when leadoff walk from Stairs was killed by a K-rob double play followed by a bizarre pinch-hitting appearance by Minky to end the game.


Down night for Run on the mound. He's slipping towards mediocrity again, hurting his trade value. Just another Royal flameout/never was.

Beyond that, we got hurt by Elmer Dessens for the first clear time in recent memory... Ohh well, I'll take what he's given us so far. Still, surrendering a run there is not part of the master plan.