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Game 35 Open Thread- Royals (10-24) at Orioles (17-20)

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I'm not a fan of the "everybody plays a day game on Sunday except the ESPN game" format. I like things to be spread out, so I cam maximize my viewing... Ohh well, no one cares, as usual.

The Royals battle the Orioles today looking to avoid a humiliating sweep. Through four innings we have a nice game going, a managable 3-2 def' and a decent game going from Denny Bautista. Of course, Bautista hasn't gone past the 6th inning this season, so we should be gearing up for a Jimmy Gobble appearance soon. Not that that is the worst thing in the world.

Send your thanks to Buddy Bell for another awesome lineup... I love it. Doug Mientkiewicz, 3rd hitter. Of course, when you're batting K-rob leadoff for no real reason, why ponder the demands of rationality.

As the Cubs fans say, "lets get some runs".