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Game 36 Open Thread- Showing Our Appreciation

From the Front Page of, "Led by veterans like Mark Grudzielanek and Doug Mientkiewicz, the Royals have shaken off a sluggish start. Royals fans can show their appreciation, as fan voting for the 2006 Midsummer Classic in Pittsburgh is under way."

Ahh yes. Thanks to Dougie's gutty play the Royals have truly shaken off that bad start. There's nothing more awesome than seeing a team play .350 ball after a .220 start. I would start stuffing the ballot box Cook County style for Minky, but I'm already voting for Teahen 500 times a day online, and can't be distracted.

VOTE FOR MARK TEAHEN FOR ALL-STAR!! Lets make it happen!!

Tonight the Royals face the dismal Indians, who haven't won since before their three-gamer against the Royals last week and who now own a 17-21 record.

[Update 4:25 PM: The game has been postponed apparently. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!]

Moreover, the Royals get to face the traitorous Paul Byrd again, whom they've pummelled twice this season. For the good guys, its another evening with the mercurial Jeremy Affeldt (2-2, 5.33) whose magical run at a 10 win season has captivated the?240 remaining Royals fans.

It should be a magical night in Ohio. Please post your noteworthy comments here during the game!!

You're On Notice. Can't Trust You Anymore Buddisimo.