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Game 24 Open Thread- Royals (5-18) at Tigers (17-9)

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The Royals look again for win #6 tonight before what promises to be an enthusiastic and inspired crowd in Detroit. With the Red Wings eliminated and the Pistons not playing, we might even see more than 9,000 people show up.

But all the Royals need to start printing money is a brand-new downtown ballpark. Right?

I'm slightly unsure of what to think of Run's effort last night. On one hand, he only allowed 3 runs, on a paltry 6 hits allowed, and with a little luck he might have had a shutout. Then again, one the other hand, he did allow two homers, which is either unlucky or a sign of poor performance, or something in between. Moreover, he showed his true Royal colors, by virtue of his low strikeout total (3). In fact, its reminiscent of the 2003-4 teams, which struck almost no one out, but also maintained relatively low walk totals.

But as we saw, this is a tough way to win a game, especially if you're also fly-ball prone (hello Greinke, Run, Gobble and just about every other homegrown Royal) and pitching in front of a bad outfield defense.

Ohh well, 3 runs allowed in 6+ is worth taking every time.

The larger tragedy of course is the matter of the final result, a rare close loss as an impotent offense ruined yet another evening. Amazingly, only a day after I mentioned that I don't even notice Berroa's flayings anymore, he went out and made us take notice ending the game before an improbable rally could tie things up.

Still, perhaps Stairs' 2-3 will earn him more ABs, and maybe a half-night off from Emil can revive his bat. Brown and Grudz lead the team in plate appearances so far, which isn't good considering Brown's inability to perform at replacement-level.

You wanna know whats cool however? Thanks to their awful run-differential, the Twins are now performing on a lower level than the Royals. Check here:

Simulating the remainder of the season a million times leaves the Royals and Twins both averaging about 65.7 wins, with each having about a .5 % chance of making the playoffs (i.e. once every 200 seasons).

Take that Gardenhire!

Tonight its Redman (0-1, 7.82 ERA) against Maroth (3-1, 1.85 ERA) in an epic battle. Redman's got history in Detroit, so maybe he'll be inspired.