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Royals-Cardinals I-70 WAR Game 2 Open Thread

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The Royals couldn't hold a five run lead against the hated intrastate Cardinals, leading to loss #29 and the seventh in a row. The Royals now have seven fewer wins than any other team in the American League, which is a fiarly incredible fact. Thankfully, the National League is awful this season (or is it unbalanced?), which provides us with the Pirates (13-29) and the Marlins (11-29), who should both stay with the Royals in the loss column all season.

I'm curious to discover what the vibe was at the K last night. Cardinals-Royals is a strange rivalry, if you can even call it that. My sense is, if you don't live in the semi-contested interior of Missouri, its barely a rivalry at all. Its different for everyone of course, some people surely have an obnoxious brother or something like that. I'm sure the Cardinals are at least half embarassed to have a rival such as the Royals, a team that can't even win a third of their games.

But we should return to the wit and wisdom of Buddy Bell:

"The home run by Pujols seemed to ignite them," Kansas City manager Buddy Bell said. "They've got a pretty good lineup, and with him in the middle it makes it a pretty tough task at times.

"He's got 20 home runs already, and he's been in a slump. Really? Somebody told me that today, but I didn't believe them."

He'll be here all week folks.

Here's the Win Probability Chart of the game:


Nothing like the visual representation of a meltdown.

The one thing I'm really fascinated by is the incident involving the Cardinals "fan" who ran on the field. Dutton does a nice job summing things up:

A character-acting Cardinals fan raced onto the field with the 1985 World Series flag, apparently swiped from its usual place atop the flagpole in left field.

This was too much for mascot-superhero Sluggerrr, who saved the day by pummeling this reprobate and reclaiming the banner. He raised it back to its rightful place a short time later.

Incredibly weird.

On the positive side, its nice to see Shane Costa (2-5, 3Ks)  back in the lineup. I'm sure its tough for Kerry Robinson to see him come back, but I know Kerry's a true champion, and he can handle it. And congrats to Minky on an unbelievable 2-4 with a walk, raising his season line to .256/.343/.347. Good, good.

Tonight its another thrilling matchup between Denny/Danny Bautista (0-1, 4.50 ERA) and the highly regarded Al Reyes, making his first start of the season.

I expect one of the most thrilling games of the season, and with a little luck, we can raise Buddy Bell's 398-559 career record.

Remember two things:Vote for Mark Teahen for All-Star


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