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Royals-Cardinals I-70 WAR Game 3 Open Thread

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The Royals are now 10-30, and look to avoid yet another series sweep this afternoon at the publicly funded Kauffman Stadium. As Royals fans, we have to believe that ultimately this is a good thing. Hopefully continued abject failure will finally convince the Glass Leadership Trust (whom I trust about as much as Michael Caine in Blame it on Rio) that this organization is thoroughly rotten and needs to be revamped, reorganized and reinvigorated by the prospect of a new goal: actually winning.

Brian Burwell put it nicely in the Post-Dispatch today

Do you have any idea how good you have it here in Cardinal Nation? By some horrible mistake of geography, you could be a KC fan, or a few hundred miles to the east and it's the Cubs.
Today its ex-Royal Jeff Suppan (4-3, 4.70 ERA) against semi-Ace Scott Elarton (0-4, 4.38 ERA). Fun, fun!. We get to watch two league-average-innings-eaters ply their joyless craft before a thrilled crowd in KC.

Suppan is 0-3 in 4 games (3 starts) against the Royals, complete with a highly touchable 6.43 ERA. Suppan plowed away for 4 seasons with the Royals, making 133 starts with season ending ERAs of: 0.71 (after a late season pickup), 4.53, 4.94, 4.37, 5.32. Eh... Whats to say really? He didn't exactly dominate, but relatively speaking, he gave the Royals a chance to win. A mid-4.00s ERA in the early '00s isn't guttar trash, but he also won't be honored with a highlight reel anytime soon.

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