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Royals-Cardinals I-70 WAR Game 3- Cards 10, Royals 3 (10-31)

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There's nothing like Buddisimo's post-game wisdom, a subtle blend of buck-passing and defeatism, awe-shucks anti-intellectualism and down home stupidity, "Quite frankly, they've got a much better team than we have," Royals manager Buddy Bell said. "You make a mistake like that (Sisco's error), we just can't cover it up."

Well said, B-Bell.

Of course, with leadership like that, quotes like this -- made by poor poor "tough luck" Scott Elarton -- after today's loss, "You get mad," he said. "We're just terrible. There are no two ways about it. We're pretty much bad in every facet of the game."

Lets see Scooter, you allowed 3 home runs, 1 double, a single and walked two, all while -- as is your custom -- not striking out anyone. Elarton now has 23 strikeouts in 58 IP this season, this paired with 27 walks and 13 homers allowed.

Whats interesting is that only 30,266 customers bothered to show up, a possible sign that, finally, after weeks of awful baseball (or was it years) the fans are starting to get fed up. Ohh well, Glass got his money from Jackson County, so what does he care.

Personally, I'm just happy that everyone in the lineup ended the day with a batting average over .200 (congrats to Paul Bako by the way).

Still, to return to the half-hearted excuse making, Andy Sisco's error wasn't cool, wasn't cool at all. His nightmare season continues, he's now got a 7.71 ERA in 16.1 IP. This is an awful development for the Royals, who have seen their best reliever turn into their worst... And it isn't like the team was good to begin with. Ohh well, maybe we can trade him for Billy Wagner. And no, he's not injured, riiiiight.

At least we still have this...