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Tigers 8, Royals 5 (10-33)

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As Royals Review reader Benjamin McCarthy pointed out over email, a game like last nights amazingly makes you long for the days of Kerry Robinson in centerfield. Instead, we saw Guiel patrolling center, following in the grand tradtion of horrible Royal OF defense.

Actually, I'm not wholly against the move by Bell -- which surely will be retracted tonight for no real reason -- as an attempt to get more offense into the lineup/give Costa more rest. Bottom line: I think we're all ready for the return of David, whenever that may be.

So here we are, 10-33 after blowing a game in which the Royals blasted 4 homers, including two from Grudz and held a 4-0 lead, then a 5-3 one in the 8th.


Here's the Win Probability Chart of the game:


I guess its good that Emil homered, we'll never have a functioning offense if he doesn't come around. Double plus good that Grudz smacked two homers, helping whats hopefully his trade value. And of course Old Man Reggie chipped in (return to the Cardinals anyone?) with a homer of his own.

We got what we needed from Runelyvs: 5.1 IP, 8 H, 2ER along with 4 Ks and only 3 walks. Sure, he got to 98 pitches awful fast, which had a cascade effect on the rest of the game, but still... you take this.

Burgos' double-play in the 6th was huge, a brief moment in which it actually looked like the Royals would hold on and win the game. Burgos isn't blameless here, allowing a fluky run in the 7th and another in the 8th.

Which brings us to the 8th. So close, yet so very far. Burgos began by striking out Guillen and Shelton, before walking Monroe. Now granted, he was pitching in the 8th because Buddisimo had demoted him, but would have rather had Dessens face the heart of the Tiger lineup in the 7th and 8th? A bit of felicity had come the Royals way, and until Burgos walked Monroe, things we're cruising.

In comes newly annointed Closer, Elmer Dessens who on cue implodes and has one of his worst appearances of the season. Just another feather in the closer myth cap I guess...

Dessens allowed (again, with two outs already given him): single, single, double, single before retiring Pudge to end the inning. 7-5 Tigers, Game Over.

The Royals responded with one of their most pathetic innings of the season: Emil strikes out swining, Dougie does the same, Buck fouls out. Awful. In the 9th Dessens allows another run and the Boys in Blue do nothing with a German double in their half.

Loss number 11. Loss number 33.

Tonight we should be treated to a Jimma' Gobble appearance as a starter... Should be fun. I guess Red' couldn't handle the emotional strain of pitching against one of his former teams.

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