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Game 45 Open Thread- Tigers (32-14) at Royals (10-34)

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Who'll stop the rain?

Losers of 12 straight, the Royals look for something, anything, to lift them to victory in an afternoon getaway day game at the K. Up next? three games in New York, where the Royals haven't won in years. This doesn't look good, doesn't look good at all.

But all hope is not lost, Denny Bautista (0-2, 3.75 ERA) has been one of the Royals most consistently OK starters (especially now that Affeldt has another implosion behind him), this even after coming back from three weeks on the shelf in April. Unlike, say, Self-appointed Team Effort and Moral Inspector Scott Elarton, Bautista isn't giving up a homer every third inning, and in fact has only allowed one all season. Also unlike St. Scott, he's striking out more people than he's walking.

But who's counting?

Whats to say about last night? Except maybe this, is anyone else getting tired of reading stories about Jim Leyland's inspirational messages to his team? About how this old guy is what these young pampered losers have needed to turn them around?

I'm choking on the glurge.

By the way, Dougie's still batting third, every SINGLE DAY...

Lets get a win today before we head to NY to become semi-national sports news with another hideous losing streak. Will Buddisimo play the "A" lineup (a hilarious enough concept) or will he be the "by the book" robot we've come to love and provide the obligatory rest for the veterans he loves so dearly?

Only time will tell. Be sure to post your game comments here. See you tonight.