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Game 47 Open Thread- Royals (11-35) at Yankees (26-20)

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The streak is dead, long live the Royals.

Not that it was easy. Needing only three outs to preserve a 7-5 win the Royals sat through a nearly 2-hour rain delay before the bottom of the 9th was played.

If you're a Royals fan, you know how things ended: Mix in streetwalker Joe Nelson, a single by ex Royal T-Short and a walk/single combo and you have a 7-6 lead with only one out. Luckily, Andy Sisco had his shining moment of the season, inducing a double-play from the Giambino that literally -- and not just bookeepingly -- saved the game.

Now that we don't have to worry about the all-time losing streak for another three weeks, the best thing the Royals could do would be to bank some victories and get off the 2003 Tiger pace. Well, that, and actually having David Glass make his promised changes.

Congrats to Buddisimo on his 399th victory as a manager by the way. If the Royals win-out this season, Bell will have almost a .500 record as a manager. Actually, thats not true, he already has 565 career losses, but, if the Royals won out and finished at 127-35, he'd be close to .500.

Today's game features what seems like a reasonable chance to win, pitting the maddening Jeremy Affeldt (2-4, 6.51 ERA) against Cheddar Wang (4-2, 4.43 ERA) and his miniscule K-rate (22 Ks in 63 innings) which is almost Elartonian or something.

Finally, congrats to Self-Appointed Team Effort Inspector Scott on his truly awesome streak breaking victory. He baited the Yankees into leaving 15 men on base, and for that, he is the definition of a winner.

Update [2006-5-27 14:24:48 by royalsreview]: NEWS ON THE GM FRONT!!!!

From ESPN (thanks to "DrunkenStupor" for the heads up):

The Royals are looking for Allard Baird's successor at general manager, even as he continues to fill the role in Kansas City. The job has been offered to Braves assistant Dayton Moore, the Kansas City Star reported Saturday, and the team has other candidates in mind if Moore does not accept the job. Moore, according to the paper, won't take the job unless he has complete control of personnel matters. The 39-year-old Wichita, Kan., native is Atlanta's director of player development. He has worked for the Braves since 1994. Should negotiations fail, the Royals could move on to ex-Phillies GM Ed Wade or ex-Tigers and Padres GM Randy Smith, the Star reported.

Wow. Some dude we've never heard of, who's demanding complete control, versus the possibility of Randy Smith?

I never knew it could get this bad. As a Braves serf, I'm sure this Moore fella is all about the Tools, all about the scouting and comes complete with ready-made anti-stats quotes. I really don't care as long as he's OK, although I'd hate to see the Counter-Revolution setup shop in KC... Ohh well, this is the Royals, he probably won't even take the job.