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Game 48- Yankees 6, Royals 5 (11-37)

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Good to get another losing streak going, especially after that epic single win on Friday night. We've gotta get to 120 losses somehow. Weird, weird, weird game, and another instance of the developing Royal Way: Watch Starter Meltdown, Then Watch Castoff Keep Team in Game. Tonight's participants were Runelvys Hernandez and Bobby Keppel, who's now suddenly the team's best pitcher.

Runelyvs, by the way, is being sent back down to Omaha in part because of his awful effort this afternoon: 2/3 IP, 6H, 5ER, new ERA of 7.44 on the year. According to reports, David DeJesus is coming back, sending Guiel back down to the minors. We're also about to be graced with the presence of Seth Etherton who's name I've always found quite humorous. Typical Royals, Etherton and Elarton on the same team!!

Still, Keppel kept the Royals in the game, helping keep the Yankees down. After Bobby's 3+, Andy Sisco responded with two scoreless innings, followed by solo innings from that deadly Peralta-Dessens combo that always seems so good when the team's behind.

So, we're back to 11-37, and still stuck on Bell career victory #399.

No word on the Dayton Moore search/offer, or even really anything at all from Glass. Joe Posnanski, who's becoming something of a public hero/saint for his dedication to the cause, once again laced into management today, which hopefully (albeit sadly) will push Glass further. JoePo writes,

"What is best now? Hiring Dayton Moore seems a good start. He has been with the Atlanta Braves organization since 1994, and he has moved fast from area scout to assistant scouting director to director of international scouting to director of player personnel to assistant general manager. The guy has had more titles than John Updike and Carl Peterson put together.

I exchanged e-mails with six baseball executives on Saturday, and while all asked not to be identified, all were wildly impressed with Moore. As one of them wrote: "There are certain people who have IT. I knew Dayton had IT two minutes after meeting him."

Honestly, I hate stuff like this: nebulous assertions about some mystical quality that some have and some don't. Reads like blather to me, along the lines of Buddy Bell's status as "a good baseball man" and Derek Jeter's magic pixie dust that allows him to "know how to win". So why haven't the Yankees won in years? And what exactly is a "bad baseball man" anyway? Someone who can't fill out a lineup card correctly?

Ohh wait, umm, err, that crosses off Buddy and Dusty from the list.

But whatever, people like this Moore guy, and they know more than I do. He's an anonymous insider, and insiders who wish to remain anonymous sing his praises. Maybe he can use his "IT" for other qualities, like running the CIA, getting the Super Bowl to KC and ending the ceaseless Barry Bonds debate. Or not.

By the way (with a nod to BP's Joe Sheehan), why aren't Alex Sanchez, Matt Lawton, Derrick Turnbow, Ricardo Rincon getting booed and hounded by reporters constantly? Rincon played a major role in the Twins winning division titles by goodness sakes??? Why aren't talking heads in Chicago demanding that the White Sox be officially named AL Central champions for the years in question? And another thing, is anyone gonna mention park factors here? SBC cum AT&T or whatever isn't exactly Wrigley or Ameriquest or Enron/Minute Maid...

Ohh well, in Dayton Moore and his wonderful scouty scoutiness we trust, until we don't. He's apparently good at evaluating the merits of 18 and 19 year olds, then again, so am I...

Do you think Buddy Bell felt a tinge of longing and regret seeing T-Long again this weekend?

And while we're here, the Royals had 12 hits and only scored 5 runs. Hows that happen? Ohh yea, no homers, no triples, and only 4 doubles mixed in. Heartiest of hearties to Dougie for another gritty, veteran day of service time as the #3 hitter. I'll always remember the summer of 2006 and how you saved baseball and made us all feel like kids again.

Did you miss me?