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Game 49- Open Thread Royals (11-37) at A's (23-27)

Not the friendliest schedule for the Royals this week, as the play the A's in Oakland tonight only one day after playing the Yankees in New York. Not exactly the easiest turnaround, especially when you're 3-22 on the road to begin with. Of course, the main focus is on Buddy Bell and his magical pursuit of career win #400, and surely everyone involved would just like to get it over with, so the media train following the team can move on. Its a familiar agony. Luckily, the return of DeJesus should contribute to Bell's historical pursuit.

The Royals send the illustrious Seth Etherton (0-0, 0.00 ERA) to the mound for his first start of the season, and his first start as a Royal. Etherton's career stats are hardly impressive but he is sentient, and he is satisfactorily journeyman for the discriminating R's fan's taste. You can't argue with those 108 career innings that have produced a lifetime ERA of 6.08. Usually the Royals have to sign these guys to December deals, so is so fortunate that Allard could  grab him in-season, perhaps the final acquisition in Allard's fearful register.

The A's counter with Dan Haren, bounty from the Mulder deal and current owner of a 3.91 ERA.

Should be a magical, memorable Memorial Day game. I have no doubt, no doubt that Etherton will make those scoundrels in Oakland PAY for cutting him lose. Can you say, "revenge game"???

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