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Game 25 Open Thread- Showdown in the Central, Royals (5-19) at Twins (10-16)

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So just how bad are those Minnesota Twins? We might know with more clarity after this week's brief two-game dip into Minny (why two games?) for a battle royale between the two worst teams in the league. These teams don't like each other very much, or at least they didn't used to. Then again, no one in the AL Central really liked the turn-of-the-century Twins... must have been the extra i in Torii Hunter or something about A.J. Pier---ski.

I wrote yesterday that the Twins and Royals have been dangerously similar in 2006, a surprising fact given the Twins purported strengths: high caliber pitching, solid defense, and a (just barely) adequate lineup. Well, with another days data behind us, BP's play-off odds report produces the following results after a million sims:

Twins average record: 66-96

Royals average record: 64.6-97.4

Somebody email Glass, we're still not a 100 loss team in the eyes of the BP master computer!!! As someone once said, Mission Accomplished.

However, released just today is another report, which includes the past data of each team's players, not just their current performance. Factoring this in, the Royals fare much worse. Hello, 108 losses.

Tonight its a struggling Brad Radke (2-3, 8.89 ERA) against ex-Twin Joe Mays (0-3, 11.07 ERA). The combination of the Twins' lineup and some extra juice in Mays' belly should produce a magical evening. I promise you Joe's ERA will be under 11 after this game.

 Here's your daily dose of Buddisimo Bell's anti-intellectualism: "I just repeat myself every night," Bell said. "This is the big leagues, and my gosh, you have to swing the bat better than that."

Lastly, listed below are some Royals numbers ran by Mr. Weatherstone.

Wins - 5

Losses - 19

GB - 12.0

Home - 5-8

Road - 0-11

vs. Right - 5-12

vs. Left - 0-7

Runs Scored - 86

Runs Against - 146

Update [2006-5-3 17:38:51 by royalsreview]: The always solid Will Carroll (who once did an email exchange with Royals Review) writes on the latest Sweeney injury today, "Despite all of his time spent on the DL, Mike Sweeney is no doctor. He said that it was the "same disc, same pain," but he was only half right. Sweeney has a new herniated disc in his neck rather than the same one he had over the past few seasons, a definite additional negative. Sweeney has already had an injection to ease the pain and reduce the swelling, prefiguring his move to the DL. His response to the injection will determine how long he?s out, but this looks similar to the 2004 injury that kept him out for nearly half a season. The Royals are expected to replace him on the roster with prospect Justin Huber, one of many re-arranging moves to be made in Kansas City this month. Just curious, is there a curse on signings of five years for $55 million?"