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So whats the proper perspective anymore? Its May 4th and the Royals are already 13 games back in their own division. At this point, "not finishing with the worst record in the American League" isn't even a realistic goal. The Royals are 5 games behind Minnesota (11-16) and Tampa Bay, and don't appear capable of catching them. It might be damn near after Pentecost before the Royals even have 11 wins, and by then I'm sure those teams will be safely in the 20 win range.

Moreover, yesterday heralded the news that Sweeney was back on the DL, complete with a story in today's Star ominously titled, "Injuries May Force Sweeney to Retire". Granted, Sweeney's had a rough start, but he also was onoe of the few hitters in the lineup who could have actually turned things around. Personally, I don't consider being injured a sign of personal moral failure, but like Sweeney or not, its annoying seeing him always yo-yo back and forth from the DL. Theres a good chance he'll miss a major chunk of time.

Which is why its so nice to have Doug Mientkiewicz around.

The Royals have been reduced to a joke, complete with nightly references on sportscenter on how Albert Pujols has more homers than them, to silly puff-stories about some tool selling his loyalty on eBay, etc.

The Royals haven't won a road game yet.

The Royals have seen their top prospect in a decade completely melt-down a week into spring training. The Royals have seen their best overall player, David DeJesus, spent most of the season injured. Luckily, the bizarro winner of the Guiel, Ambres, Costa battle (Costa) actually played well in DeJesus' stead, only to get injured himself.

The Royals are having Kerry Robinson lead off.

Buddisimo Bell's toughest daily decision is whether of not Minky is gonna hit 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.

I'd rather see the Royals go Marlins-style, trade off all the fat, and play a bunch of minor league scrubs. Are we really gaining anything by getting to watch Mark Grudzielanek's miraculous pursuit of a .280 average?

Where's the competence JoePo?

Congrats to Buddy Bell on managerial loss number 550 last night. Buddisimo's now at 393-550. As I wrote last week, it'll be interesting to see what comes first, win #400 or loss #600.

But, as the illustrious David Glass said after the voters of Jackson County voted to give him millions of dollars,

"I always believed that it would [pass]. I have this belief that people ultimately do the right thing," Glass said, pausing to talk to a reporter.

"And this is the right thing for Kansas City, and it is the right thing for Jackson County so I never doubted it. We never, ever thought about anything else or what else we were going to do. Kansas City will look back at this and, retrospectively, believe it was really, really a good thing to have done."