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Game 26 Open Thread- Royals (5-20) at Twins (11-16)

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The Royals look to make history tonight, going for loss number 13 on the road, which would equal the longest road losing streaks ever to start a season. This being the Royals, I'm sure they'll win, then lose another 10 straight on the road. We may be awful, but we're rarely interesting.

Carrying our hopes tonight is Jeremy Affeldt (1-2, 6.27 ERA) who's riding an astounding three-game adequacy streak (that is, if you count last weekend's rainout against Oakland). The banter between Affeldt and Redman in the dugout regarding who's the better pitcher must be illuminating and inspirational. Sorta like a cross between Lincoln/Douglas and Pacino/Foxx in Any Given Sunday.

Anyway, Affeldt's 2-1 in three career starts at the Metrodome, and has also made three relief appearances there (including a heroic save), all towards an actually good 1.07 ERA in the place. And thats over 24.2 innings, which is saying something.

The Royals will be facing a highly flammable Carlos Silva, but then again, the lineup made Brad Radke look like mid-career Greg Maddox last night, so nothing's a given.

I have been waiting all day for this game, and cannot wait to see the results unfold. Memories will be made tonight in Minnesota. And I whole-heartedly predict a glorious Royal victory, avoiding the ineptitude streak, followed up by a rousing, profanity laced speech from Buddisimo about a new season starting RIGHT NOW.

Happy, happy love.