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Game 28 Open Thread- Royals (7-20) at White Sox (20-9)

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With rumors of change swirling around them, our Royals played one of their best, most exciting games of the season last night, before 33,000 at the Cell. The Royals now have 3 wins against Chicago, and 4 wins against everyone else. This means that if the Royals had been in the National League last season, and made the World Series, they would have easily become world champions.

According to Hawk Harrellson last night, Elarton was "locked in", but I didn't really see it. He just didn't walk anyone and got alot of fly ball outs on a cold night. Still, its good to see that his bizarre, hiccupy, herky-jerky motion served him well. Somewhere Ben Weber is happy.

And congrats to Andy Sisco by the way. We all enjoyed your first good inning of the season.

How do we handle the news that Elmer Dessens (2.70 ERA in 16 innings) is our best pitcher? Is it kinda cool, or depressing? I'm not sure.

But about that 9th inning.

Trailing 2-1, the Royals opened with a Guiel walk (as the Guiel army of fans cheered on), followed by a mildly stupid sac bunt from Berroa. (If Jenks is struggling with his control, as he was, then don't you at least take a shot at a walk... which also moves runners. Then again, Berroa likely couldn't control himself anyway, so the point is mute.)

Then German singled, proving the bunt "worked", as legions of old-school fans self-congratulatorially patted themselves on the back. Next K-rob singled, continuning the month of his life (and probably guaranteeing us a season of outs), giving the Royals the lead.

So then of course Robinson had to get his caught stealing on.

At this point the Royals have, despite themselves, taken the lead. They've also given the Sox two outs.Its incredible how bungling they are even when they're staging their flukish, single-fuelled rally...

Then Grudz walked, followed by a pitching change and walk from Minky to load the bases. Stairs then worked an epic at bat to a single, giving the Royals a 5-2 lead. Thank God we gave the Sox two free outs, or it might have been 7-2, and not a save situation for Burgos!!!

So then the Sox went double-out-homer-single-out-single-out to end the game, which allowed the Royals to escape with one of their more entertaining victories of the season. Take that Chicago, you couldn't handle ELARTON!!!

Tonight its Runelvys Hernandez (1-1, 2.63 ERA) against Javier Vasquez (3-1, 3.00 ERA) in a matchup of two guys who's names end in Z. Should Run have a good game I demand an immediate trade, the Royals won't be able to resign him after the season anyways...

By the way, does anyone else feel Run's official Yahoo picture looks strangely like a monster or alien?

Fear me. I am Runelvys!