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Game 29 Open Thread- Royals (7-21) at White Sox (21-9)

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I predict 7 hits and 1 run today for our beloved Royals. The offense is starting to decay awfully, just when it appears that the pitching is rising to just-below-league-average levels. Good stuff.

Seriously though, you look at the Royal lineup somedays, especially without Sweeney and Sanders (who are, granted, more names than men at this point) and you think "how are they planning to score runs?" The last few seasons have seen the Royals devolve into a walkless, powerless offense, becoming totally singles based. Yea, I love a good single as much as the next guy. But its hard to ever get a crooked number on the board that way.

Ohh, and I forgot to mention this fact: the Royals don't even employ any good singles hitters. That too.

But hey, at least we didn't get no-hit last night. Thats already the second time this year the Royals have flirted with history this season.

Today its Mark Redman (0-2, 7.00 ERA) against Mark Buerhle (3-2, 3.76 ERA) at the Cell. Isn't it cool that the Royals wanted Redman?? He's a cornerstone of almost adequacy that its nice to have. 100 loss teams wouldn't be possible without Aces like that.

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