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Game 30- Royals 4 (8-22), Indians 3 (17-16)

If this was the NFL, many Royals may have saved their jobs last night. Unfortunately, it isn't, and one win against a good team still doesn't mean much. Still, we'll always have wonderful memories of last night.

John Buck's epic first home run of the season will be forever drilled into my memory, as will his heroic pursuit of a .220 batting average (now up to .217!!). Plus, as the AP lead pointed out, the pitching has been decent the last week or so (no matter that the offense has been awful). A heart congrats is in order for the pitching staff again, especially Mike Wood, who know has 2.78 ERA in 22.2 innings. Does this mean he's being misused out of the 'pen, or simply that a bad idea has turned out OK? Who knows.

Still, its what we've identified as The Royal Way: overhyped starter gets bounced early, only to have the organization's perceived guttar trash (Wood, Gooble, etc) pitch 3 to 4 solid innings to keep the team in it. And hey, we did eventually send Mays down, and if he only ruined 5 of the 6 games he appeared in, well, no matter. Whats important is that we paid a premium for that privilege, and he is an ex-Twin.

And then theres this: twenty-five percent of Royal wins this season are against Paul Byrd. Take that Byrd... you sellout. (no I don't really mean it)

9,029 fans watched this memorable game at the K, although I had 9,011 in my count.

Take the Long Way Home

Postscript: Jim Baker raises a harrowing question today at Baseball Prospectus, "how many Royals could start for any other team?" He profers Grudz and DeJesus as possible choices, which aside from the fact that David is injured is nevertheless quite depressing. Personally, I still think the Cubs would love a dose of Minky at first base...