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Game 31 Open Thread- Indians (17-16) at Royals (8-22)

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The Indians are either off to a scuffling start or were supremely overrated this preseason. The analysts I respect the most seem to have seen them as something closer to an 88 win team than a 98 game winner, and that view's looking strong. To be frank, they continue to look like a lesser Chicago, with a pitching staff who's greatest merit is that no one is awful and a lineup that features Travis Hafner and alot of B+ level guys mixed in with some duds.

Regression is the order of the day, and amazingly Kenny Williams seemed to have realized this better than anyone else last winter. And he won the World Series.

Tonight the Indians look to live up to the hype against the hapless Royals. Cleveland sends Jason Johnson (2-2, 5.08 ERA) to the mound (he's the diabetic guy, right?) against Emerging Ace Jeremy Affeldt (2-2, 4.94 ERA).

Daily life in both cities will come to halt at 7:10 with the first pitch. I expect a magical evening. Cleveland's feeling the pressure (you simply don't lose a series to the Royals) and will be facing a raucous KC crowd rumored to top 10,000 (we'll see!!).

It should be one of the best nights of our lives. Be sure to post you comments here.