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Game 60 Open Thread- Devil Rays (24-37) at Royals (16-43)

Inspired by a two-game winning streak, the Royals look for win #17 this afternoon at the K against those pesky, "were not as bad as you are" Devil Rays. Even better, the Royals recent return to winning baseball has coincided with the event we've all been waiting for:

Sluggger's Birthday.

Has it really been 10 years since the Royals introduced that lovable mascot only half-way connected to the idea of the team? Ohh me, where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday that it was 1996, a simpler time, a happier time. Then Slugger came into all of our lives and made everything change. Everything.

During Slugger's "Life" the Royals have been quite the team:

1996: 75-86
1997: 67-94
1998: 72-89
1999: 64-97
2000: 77-85
2001: 65-97
2002: 62-100
2003: 83-79
2004: 58-104
2005: 56-106

So basically you can make the case that Slugger's signalled the downfall of the franchise. Before he came along the Royals had never lost 100 games, and were the only team from the expansion era that owned an all-time record over .500. Now, all that has passed, and the Royals have set a new franchise loss record three out of the last four years.

Thanks, Sluggger!!

As part of the Sluggapalooza, the Royals send one of my favorite pitchers to the mound, Mike Wood (3-1, 4.86 ERA) in his third start of the year. For the curious, Wood has a 3-0 record and 4.26 ERA at the K this year. The Devil Rays counter with Casey Fossum (1-2, 5.46 ERA). Does anyone remember when this guy was considered untouchable by the Red Sox?

It should be an unbelievable afternoon at the K, be sure to post your game comments and memories of Sluggger here.