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unSweet Sixteen: Devil Rays 8, Royals 2 (16-45)

Thanks to a 2-4 homestand against the Rangers and Rays the Royals are still reeling towards deeper wretchedness. It might be awhile before we get to win #20, and clearly, we're gonna have to keep monitoring the respective loss pace of baseball's worst teams ever at least for another month or two. The depressing thing is, does anyone really imagine a scenario in which this team could be playing much better?

Take Sunday's game for instance, the Royals even recorded a triple play, and it didn't slow the D' Rays down: those mantas pounded Elarton for 3 homers, then added two more against the Gobbler, with a final shot against Peralta for good measure. As the man once said, "Good Grief".

Self-Appointed Team Effort Inspector Scott Elarton needs a dose of his own medicine after today's pathetic performance, but somehow I feel like that isn't forthcoming. Thats always the way it is with these guys. Better stick to the cliches and the coachspeak after another shelling and a June ERA dangerously close to 7.00.

I'm proud to say that the citizens of the Metro area aren't the fools Glass often plays them for however; despite good weather and Slugger's Birthday the Royals couldn't draw 20,000 for a Sunday afternoon game. Perhaps its the road to accountability...

Random Heretical Question That Fills Me With Self-Hatred: Is it time to start playing Paul Bako more? Sure Buck's the future, but the GM who made him a marquee Royal has, umm, been dismissed, and it isn't like he's a good hitter. His season line is .211/.266/.338 at this point. Sure, Bako is an awful, awful player, but he is hitting .266/.309/.287 in limited duty. Just a thought. All in all, its surely one hell of a platoon the Royals have setup at catcher, huh? Sorta like ketchup and mustard ice-cream or something.

Futility Watch- Through 61 Games:

2003 Tigers: 16-45
1941 Phillies: 18-43
1962 Mets: 16-45
2006 Royals: 16-45

It feels good to be even with those 2003 Tigers and '62 Mets, now lets move past 'em!

Lastly, check out some gameday photos posted earlier in the comments, as well as a priceless photo of Elarton.