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Game 64 Open Thread- Royals (16-47) at Angels (29-35)

Losers of four straight games and the owners of baseball's worst record, our beloved Royals look towards Mark Redman to end the pain tonight in the OC.

Redman (2-4, 6.06 ERA) threw 8 strong innings against the Devil Rays last week, but also tossed 116 pitches in the effort. With a nice game tonight, Red' has a distinct possibility of bringing his season ERA below 6.00 for the first time since April 21st. There's no time like the present Mark!

Los Angeles de Los Angeles counter with the recently resigned Kelvim Escobar (5-7, 3.72) and his rec-spec inflected on-mound style.

The Royals have been lost so far in Cali. Lets hope they find a win. (Thanks to reader Andrew Miller for the heads up on the picture).

According to BP's Playoff Odds Report the Royals are still going to manage 52 wins somehow, although we have already been eliminated from the next million simiulated 2006 seasons. Even the Marlins still have a chance in the computer, but not the Royals...

I don't know where those 52 wins are going to come from. Hopefully, the Royals start a road winning streak tonight on the coast. For those of you up late, be sure to post your in-game comments here. And remember to vote Mark Teahen for All-Star!