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Game 65 Open Thread- Royals (17-47) at Angels (29-36)

The Royals go for a surprising split tonight against the Angels in California. Its not quite a get-away-day feel, but its just as well. If the Royals can steal tonight's game, the series will represent a major downer for the Halos.

Since we're here, is it a little weird to anyone else that our beloved leader Dayton Moore is apparently sporting a buzz-cut? Can we just trade Grudz for 70 cents on the dollar and get it over with. How he's not a Met already I don't know. And keep sending those letters to Tony LaRussa about how much he liked having Reggie Sanders around...

The Royals send to Mike Wood (3-2, 4.97 ERA) to the mound again for the start. What? We haven't given up on him yet and sent him back to the 5th inning role? I'm shocked.

The fallen Angels counter with John Lackey (4-4, 3.75 ERA) to stop the Royal counterrevolution, and return the series to form. The Angels need a win tonight, with Oakland already winning this afternoon against the Mariners.

Post ye in game comments here. We need win #18 bad. See ya in the comments.