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Game 66 Open Thread- Royals (17-48) at Houston (35-32)

The Royals invade Houston -- the inexplicable recent host of the Super Bowl, the MLB All Star Game, the NBA All Star Game and the World Series in the last three years -- for an epic three game series that will likely change all of our lives. This is a wonderful chance for fans in Houston to watch Mark Teahen, Emil Brown, Dougie Mientkiewicz and all the rest play, something they normally couldn't do. Which is truly beautiful. Interleague baseball, gotta love it!

The Royals send Self-Appointed Team Effort Inspector Scott Elarton (1-8, 5.24 ERA) to the mound, looking for win #18. Perhaps Elarton should start growing back his tough-guy beard that guided him through his illustrious tours in Colorado and Cleveland. Of course, a former Astro himself (1998-2001), you know Elarton is gonna bring it tonight against the Astros.

The Astros counter with the curiously named Wandy Rodriguez (8-3, 4.48 ERA) who's been problematic for the Astros at home this season (5.44 ERA).

Lest we forget, its also a trip home of sorts for Buddisimo Bell, an Astro himself for 74 games in 1988.

Memories, Sweet Sweet Memories

Post your in-game comments, speculations, and predictions here. (Have you noticed how the jock-media community has overused "prognostication" to the ground?? Its like the biggest word anyone knows, and around Bowl Season, the NFL Playoffs and March Madness, its said approximately once a minute on Sportscenter.)

See you tonight.