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Game 68 Open Thread- Royals (18-49) at Astros (36-33)

Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens are such good friends and they've really pushed one another in training these last few years, going back to their days with the Yankees. The Pettitte angle can't be overstated in considering Roger's recent decisions to play in Houston.

OK, got that out of the way.

Today its Pettitte (6-7, 5.46 ERA) for the Astros, as the Royals look to win the series down in Harris County. Pettitte's allowed an incredible 15 homers already this season, and only 8 of those homers have been at [Insert Your Corporate Name Here] Field. Still, as the AP lead dutifully reports, Pettitte is 5-3 recently. Other than the homer problem, the most glaring difference is simple: last season Andy allowed a .230 average, this season its an unusually high .313. That should come down, unless the Astro offense is just really really bad. Which I doubt.

The Royals counter with the glories of Brandon Duckworth (0-1, 3.18 ERA) who's making his second start as a Royal. Duckworth came to Houston in the Billy Wagner trade with the Phillies, and, amazingly, was once thought of highly. Once upon a time, he was a somewhat shaky starter with a K-rate so high that it seemed he would eventually iron everything else out.

Like Elarton, Duckworth should be fueled by the hateful desire for revenge, and should lead the Royals to a stupendous series victory in Houston.


Futility Update Through 67 Games:

2003 Tigers: 17-50
1962 Mets: 19-48

2006 Royals: 18-49


Post your in game comments here. We're still waiting on that to 19th win happen.