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Game 69 Open Thread- Pirates (26-45) at Royals (19-49)

Two of the worst teams in baseball square off tonight in Kansas City in what promises to be an epic battle of guts, determination, and talent. The Royals, fresh from a heroic series victory in Houston look to get above 30 games under .500 for the first time in weeks, and in so doing, finally securing their elusive 20th victory. Mind you, some foretold that the 20th win wouldn't come until July 4th (and in all honesty, this is still possible). With the streaking Marlins rising above the ashes, the Royals, Pirates and Cubs now secure the bottom of the standings. Led by Buddy Bell, the Royals look to do something about that tonight.

Here's Grudz69's analysis of the starting pitcher matchup:

KC: LHP Mark Redman (3-4, 5.68 ERA) Redman got his third straight victory in an eight-inning appearance against the Angels on June 14, giving up just four hits and overcoming location problems in the early going. Can it be a Royals starting pitcher with a winning record? Go big Red.....

PIT: RHP Kip Wells (0-0, 0.00 ERA) He is just off the DL and even though his rehab start was good. I think we can get to him.

Its also a revenge game for Redman, who spent last season going 5-15 in Pittsburgh. We saw over the weekend how the former Astros responded to the chance for revenge. By Jove, let Redman do the same!!

Post your in-game comments here. It could be a very interesting night in Kansas City.