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Game 70 Open Thread- Pirates (26-46) at Royals (20-49)

Surging to 20 wins, the Royals look to continue their strongest attempt at a legitimate "hot streak" of the season tonight in Kansas City. Winners of 3 of 4 and 4 of 6 games (going back to game 3 of the Angels series) the Royals have bumped up their win total in a concerted effort to avoid the imfamy of history. Buddy Bell, easily one of the smartest minds in baseball knows that two more wins against the Pirates wouldn't hurt.

The day's current drama centers on the possible appearance of new Royal Joey Gathright tonight in the lineup. Its not often that teams seek out a guy hitting .201 with no power, but this isn't an ordinary team. We'll have to wait a few more hours before we know tonight's lineup for certain.

The Royals send Mike Wood (3-2, 4.69 ERA) to the mound for his second home start of the season and his first career game against the Pirates. The Pirates counter with Ian Snell (7-4, 4.71 ERA), who's likewise making his first career start against the Royals.

You can sense the tension building.

Remember to post your in-game comments, hopes and fears here. In the hours before the game, feel free to tide yourself over with this heartwarming story about Randa's return to KC.