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Game 72 Open Thread- Brewers (36-37) at Royals (22-49)

Winners of five of six and four straight, the Royals look to continue their miraculous winning ways tonight against the Brewers in Kansas City. With a win tonight the Royals can put more ground between their 2006 season and the haunting seasons of the 1962 Mets and, more recently, the 2003 Tigers.

The Royals hand over the starting pitching duties to Bobby Keppel (0-3, 3.64 ERA), the proud owner of the second-lowest ERA of any Royal pitcher to make a start this season. (Fellow reclaimation project Brandon Duckworth is at 3.18 in considerably less innings.) Keppel has allowed a sparkling 1.59 ERA and .220 BAA this season at the K. So I guess the message is: either he is the Lord of the K, or that he's been lucky and should revert to previous form. We'll see.

The Brewers on the other hand, aren't quite sure what their ultimate form is: are they a young team on the rise, and if so, where are they now on that slope of decency? Still crawling out of the depths of Seligean and Dean Taylor (yes, the new Royals Assistant GM) error, the Brewers have some exciting young players and at least a defensible case for being OK. Thus far they've scuffled to a 36-37 start, not even good for third place in the National League Central.

The Brewers have asked Dave Bush (4-6, 6.81 ERA) to pitch tonight, and he has agreed.

Can the Royals keep winning? Can the Royals keep the free donut streak alive? Collectively, as a nation, we will learn the answers to these questions and much much more tonight when the lights come on in Missouri.

Post your in-game comments, hopes and fears here.