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Game 75 Open Thread- Royals (24-50) at Reds (41-35)

Winners of three straight series, the Royals head into the Queen City for a three game war against the Reds. In an off the field issue, perhaps the emotional highlight of the season occurs tonight, as the Royals see back old friend an ex-teammate Joe Mays, who's popped back up with the Reds after being cut by the Royals last month. As a Red, Mays has gone 0-1 in 4 games, with a 2.08 ERA. (Is the NL really that bad?) I'm sure very tough for both parties to pass ways in the bowels of the Great American Ballpark. We've missed you dearly Joe, and we wish you the very, very best in your future career. Terribly sorry that things couldn't work out in KC.

Where are the snows of yesteryear?

Despite my confusing lead of the Mays-angle, its another disastrous free agent signing taking the hill for the Reds, Eric Milton (4-4, 4.71 ERA), who's posted a 5.01 ERA at home this season, this after a 6.47 ERA with the Reds in 2005.

The Royals counter with Mike Wood (3-2, 4.53 ERA) and his band of merry teammates. It should be one of the very best pitching matchups of the season.